Carrie Mitchell

Artist's Statement

      To me, working a paint brush is an expression of freedom, spontaneity, life, people, faith, and love. I make art with no plan or intention, inspired by a simple internal knowing that it is time to produce something - bring it forward to life, and see what is to become.  My work exists because a burning desire to create coupled with a relentless motivation to do something. Sketches gave way to paintings, and my art was born. 

     I am a self taught artist who was advised early on to stay on that path, and develop myself by studying the Master's. I took the advice to heart and as a result make my work a personal journey of growth through curiosity and wonder. Each new color and tool leads to discovery, keeping joy at the center of the process. Images spring forward to life with brush and paint, amazing me as they take form. Delighted to hear what other people see in my work as they point out their own interpretations, my appreciation for our interconnectedness as humanity grows.  If I had to choose one word to describe my art, it would be layered. There is more than one story being told in the paintings, with the loudest voice speaking a vibrant use of color. Even more fun, is seeing the continuation of the stories told in my artwork come around in a later piece. People and objects pop up again to carry on where they left off, broadening and deepening their presence in my work.

     It is the same way for me with words, storytelling, and speaking. Creating the sentence is as important as choosing the framework for the message. Selecting the words, is likened to choosing the paint; always an adventure! I hope you have as much fun, and find as much meaning as I do when you view and read my work. 

Carrie Mitchell

- Nordikgirl